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2021 January Jaunt - Virtual Edition

For 2021, the January Jaunt will allow us to do something that would be virtually impossible in the real world - we will be re-running the 1963 event, using the original instructions! Instead of running on real roads, the rally will run from your table top, using downloaded instructions and maps.

Instructions and download links will be sent out to signed up competitors on January 9, 2021 at 10:00 EST. Competitors will have until January 16, 2021 23:59 EST to complete the rally. Sign up using the registration link. Once you are signed up, your name will appear on the entry list.

Rallies are scored by calculating the correct time to be at "hidden" checkpoints. In the case of a map rally you generally know where the checkpoints are. This timing spreadsheet from Roger Sanderson will help you do the calculations needed to get the proper times at a checkpoint: Timing Spreadsheet.

The rally will make use of topographic maps, and grid coordinates will be used to locate key points on the route. Natural Resources Canada has published a document with background on using topographic maps including the use of grid coordinates.

2021 January Jaunt - Virtual Edition. info@januaryjaunt.com
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